The team at Severn Classics is always there to step in to take on a project that has stalled or lost its impetus. In one case study a 1969 MGB GT had already had a 2.9 XR4i V6 engine fitted and the gearbox sourced from a Sierra.

But to finish the project, and deliver the look and handling wanted by the owner, the car was going to have a Sebring conversion, with changes made to the MG’s bulkhead, front wings, rear wings and the addition of fat arches.

To accommodate the new wheels – 8 x 15 Minilites at the rear and 7 x 15s at the front – extensive inner arch modification is required and this is carried out in-house at Severn Classics.

When planning a job, Steve says his goal is always to retain as much of the original car as possible, replacing metal with metal.

But in this case, the optimum solution was to go fibre glass for everything except the doors.

Once the car was finished with a two-pack Old English White paint job the result was – simply stunning!