A 1974 rear wheel arch MG Midget set plenty of challenges for Steve and his team at Severn Classics. The car, with a 1275 BMC engine, was in poor general disrepair with damage – including damaged and rotten doors and bonnet – poor chrome condition and slashed vinyl roof. The faded yellow paintwork was the least of the worries.

But now the car has been converted into a an eye-catching delight, that is a joy to behold and a pleasure to drive with its fully serviced engine and refurbished components.

When the car arrived, it was clear that significant areas of bodywork were going to need to be replaced. Steve decided that the only way to achieve the required look was to construct some components from bare metal. For example the door sills were completely rotten and needed to be replaced and the design of the rear end required a change to the car’s profile.

Severn Classics approach to these kinds of jobs is to make metal replacements in its own workshops. First of all the bad metal is removed and a replacement piece made to fit. The workshop has its own folding machine and planisher to form panel components so is able to work sheet to achieve the exact profile and finish required.

Replacement parts are then MIG welded into place, replacing metal with metal.

Not infrequently, Steve is called on to replace something that was never there! To get the classic “early” bumperless rear end look for the MG, all trace of the bumpers needs to be removed and the rear light housings have to be constructed, shaped and welded into place from scratch.

One other modification made to get just the right look for this beautifully elegant car was a wire wheel conversion. The work involved in adding wire wheels can vary considerably on a car by car basis. In this case the conversion required a new back axle and new front hub mechanisms. But the result is well worth it.

To give the car its showroom finish Severn Classics installed new hood and fittings, new mirrors and polished the aluminium around the windows. In the engine Severn Classics took out the radiator and flushed it, with all the cowlings and airboxes shot-blasted and redone and the twin carburettors balanced.

Severn Classic’s Steve says that his aim is get the best best quality result using the most cost-effective route, using a combination of repair and buying in replacement new and used parts to suit client budgets. As a general aim, as much of the original car is retained as possible. But regardless of history, every component is finished to the same high specification.