Anyone who has been in a relationship for 45 years knows that the passage of time leaves its mark. When the relationship is with a 1965 Mini Traveller, bought from new, but left in a field under a tree since threw 1960’s and 70s then the effects of time can be all too apparent.

But Steve Griffiths and Severn Classics can roll back the effects of time to bring a car back to showroom condition – even when, as in this case, the floor is hanging out.

Not surprisingly the list of replaced and rebuilt panels is extensive: new front end, new wings, panels and inner arches. A new floor, obviously, new rear side panels and doors reskinned.

Most Mini Travellers had the wooden rear section. But this model was smooth-sided and smooth roofed – lead-filling was used to tackle the problem of rotted external edges.

A replacement 1275 engine and gearbox was sourced from a Metro, the brakes, rubbers, electric looms and fuel tank replaced and the whole car finished beautifully in Gainsborough Red.

A classic car restored – and a love affair reignited!