Steve Griffiths’ engineering background and time spent as Mechanic with rally teams such as Peugeot providing the foundation for all the work carried out at Severn Classics. But one of the projects that clearly demonstrates the expert and quality work coming out of the Severn Classics Workshop is a Mk1 Mini Sprint.

Subtle changes to a car’s proportions can have a surprising effect on its looks. So the requirement to remove 1.5in from the body height and a further 1.5in from the roof space can make a dramatic difference.

But the work involved in removing those inches of metal is dramatic too, as the metal needs to be cut out at different places in each component around the car. Cuts need to be made too in way that the remaining pieces can overlap for strength.

The whole exercise needs careful planning and extensive use of threaded bars to allow structure to be closed back together once the metal has been removed.

Panels need to be cut and reshaped too (Severn Classics has its own folding and planishing machines for just such purposes), as does the glass.

The finished job is an eye-catcher – but even more so when you see the attention to detail that has made it possible.